Tool and Die

It is a specialized 4 year course in Tool & Die having scope across manufacturing sectors where you can begin as a technician and go upto design engineer. The Course is recognised by Kerala State Board of Technical Education. The Diploma course is highly practical oriented and most sought after course. The passed out trainees get immediate absorption in the industry.

Tool and die makers make, repair and modify custom-made, prototype or special tools, dies, jigs, fixtures and gauges using various metals, alloys and plastics which require precise dimensions. This unit group also includes metal patternmakers and metal mould makers.The work force required in this field is quite encouraging. Small scale industries have a lot of potential and setting up your own venture is also a good avenue. Job growth in this occupation depends to a large extent on trends in manufacturing sector industries where these workers are mainly to be found, but also on the implementation of technological changes.The industry offers handsome salary packageDepending on your job expertise.



Shri. Abin. P. George HOD
Shri. Sanjith Unni Lecturer
Shri. Franco Jose Lecturer
Shri. Aromal sasi Lecturer
Shri. Abins N. P Lecturer
Shri. Shikhil K.S Lecturer
Shri. Poulose M.P Trade Instructor
Shri Sibin Paul Demonstrator