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Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is one of the fundamental branches of engineering. It is a fast-growing and highly demanded discipline. This Branch emphasizes the study, design, and application of equipment, devices, and systems that use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. It also incorporates knowledge in core subjects such as Electrical Machines, power electronics, Power Systems, circuit technology, and power generation.

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Indira Gandhi Polytechnic College is a pioneer in providing an excellent platform for both academics and co-curricular activities. Students are professionally and personally mentored by experienced and committed faculties. Highly qualified graduates are carved out through innovative learning techniques and frequent assessments. The department is furnished with well-maintained infrastructure including highly equipped and standardized labs. We own an active association aiming to nurture and develop the technical and creative talents of the students. We also encourage students to take part in extra-curricular and social welfare activities. The department ensures full participation in the overall development of the scholars in terms of practical advancement, interpersonal skills, and social commitment.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is evergreen in terms of jobs and scope prospects. This course contributes to a wide range of opportunities in both government and private sectors. It also has a propitious scope in research and development. The graduates can accomplish a bright future in various fields such as Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Defence, Electronics, Marine, Railways, Oil and gas, Power generation, and so on.

The various labs of this department are

Electrical Measurements Lab Electronics Devices & Circuits lab
DC Machines Digital Lab
PLC and Micro controller Lab Electrical Maintenance Lab
CAD Lab Industrial Electronics Lab
AC Machines Lab